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Helping Pets Live Their Best Lives

Our Story

About The Great Life
Spay Neuter Wellness

We. Love. Animals. We can’t walk past a dog on a leash without saying a (maybe slightly desperate) “Hello!” We live for cat headbutts, and we think there should be a puppy-breath scented candle.

We know firsthand the power pets have to enrich our day-to-day experiences.

We also know health supports happiness.

Our mission is in our name we want every animal to have the opportunity to live a great life.

Our Veterinary Services

Veterinary Preventative Care in Kent, OH

We want to make the basics of pet parenting accessible to all animal lovers. We believe spay and neuter is the first step, until every animal has the chance to be in a loving home, we have to help stop pet overpopulation.

Pet Spay and Neuter

High-quality spay and neuter is our passion.


Learn how we can work together to help the feral felines in our community.

Our Team

Meet Our Veterinary Team

The Great Life is made up of a crew of fun-loving professionals with rock star skills. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, we have all dedicated a good portion of our lives to discovering how best to work with a variety of animal personalities. We’ve trained puppies, wrangled ferals, foster failed, and provided hospice care.
We want to use our collective skills and knowledge to be a resource to our community’s pets and animal lovers.

Our team of professionals have collective decades of experience performing surgery and anesthesia on thousands of patients. We love what we do, and take pride in our ability to provide our best to the animals in our care.

A Shout-Out to Rescue Groups

We have a special place in our hearts for all things rescue. With many years of shelter medicine experience, we’re acutely aware of the challenges faced in helping homeless pets find families. Our Rescue Group Program is designed to help 501c3 organizations stretch their resources to save as many pets as possible!

If you are a rescue interested in learning more about the program, please get in touch with us.